Energyworld 2022

Meet Cegal SYSCO at Energyworld 2022, the meeting place to exchange ideas about technology in the energy industry. Join us May 19th at Stavanger Forum.


The energy industry is rapidly changing with an increased focus on renewable energy, the green transition and streamlining existing infrastructure. Moving forward there are exciting opportunities in a variety of energy sources: from wind power, hydropower and solar power to Oil and Gas.

Energyworld 2022 looks to the future to map out where we are going and what the energy transition will look like. The main challenges (and opportunities) lie in technology to enable sustainable solutions.

The focus of Energyworld will shift from exclusively Oil and Gas technology, to how we can use this experience to determine the way forward and apply new technologies to emerging energy sources. The conference is all about exchanging ideas about processes, technology and IT responsibility in the energy industry.

Energyworld 2022 will be held at Stavanger Forum May 19th.

Come meet us!